From BCN to the world

It is thought, designed and manufactured in Barcelona.

Bonh BCN was born with the intention to stand out in the sports world, contributing color with a casual style. Our philosophy is the healthy lifestyle and our goal is to accompany and equip anyone who practices any physical activity. We think and choose the best materials in the market, combining them with our designs, taking as a priority the relationship between the garment and the body. The garment design is projected in the anatomy and how to provide the greatest comfort when it comes to physical activity. Our products are 100% manufactured in Barcelona, ​​in this way we promote development, production and the local economy. We bet strongly for high quality, responsible and efficient products. In short, we are a 100% Spanish company and we are proud of it.

Sports lovers

We are passionate about sport and we are proud to be part of it offering a wide range of products for different disciplines. We support sports both in the open air and in the interior because we strongly believe that the care of our body is fundamental.


We offer a wide variety of sports products with the highest quality on the market and manufactured in Barcelona. We take care of even the smallest detail in all our inputs, from fabrics, labor and clothing, to the final design of our products. Differentiating ourselves from those who bet on the importation of a finished product, neglecting production and financing the massive exploitation of resources.

We like

Nature, colors, sports.

In each collection nature inspires us and we express it in full color. Our hope is to accompany our garments to all those who enjoy practicing a physical activity.